Wizzrobe Sponsored by a Twenty Dollar Bill He Found on the Street

Photo by Ayub Arain

This article was written by a contributor, Peter Casciato.

FLORIDA — Since Cognitive Gaming disbanded in 2016, Melee’s wunderkind Captain Falcon main Justin “Wizzrobe” Hallett has remained a free agent. However, it looks like that’s all about to change. Wizzrobe has just announced via Twitter that he’s found a new sponsor: a crumpled 20 dollar bill he found on the street! 

This is a notable step up for Wizzy, who, until now, had been rumored to be signing with some change he found in the washing machine. He told The Turnip:

“I’m incredibly grateful for this sponsorship. It’ll allow me to travel more tournaments, take my stream to the next level, and most importantly buy more Bono sunglasses.”

Wizzrobe, who was recently ranked 7th on the MPGR Summer Ratings, and took 5th place at EVO 2018 would’ve made an impressive addition to any esports roster. But it looks like he’s decided to sign on with the 20 dollar bill, much to the delight of his fans.

The twenty dollar bill has not responded to our requests for comment, likely because it is an inanimate object. 


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