William “Leffen” Hjelte Caught Threatening Tournament Organizer MattDotZeb With Firearm After Loss to Daniel “ChuDat” Rodriguez

William “Leffen” Hjelte was reported holding tournament organizer of Shine 2017 MattDotZeb at gunpoint behind the local Steak n’ Shake this previous Sunday, demanding that he allow him to “replay the set with Daniel “Chu Dat” Rodriguez or face a devastating twitter attack.” Leffen reportedly told Matt that he would “tweet a minimum of two or three rude, salty comments about his tournament if he did not let up.”

The event was reported by player “ChuDatistheGoatXD” who was hiding in the alleyway waiting for his favorite player ChuDat to exit the venue, hoping to catch him after a heartbreaking loss and obtain an autograph and post-set interview. “I saw Leffen pull out a Desert Eagle and point it RIGHT at MDZ’s head, screaming furiously. He must have really been upset by the epic yayuz he received. In fact, I’m almost most certainly sure I might have seen him holding that gun at him. Who else could it have been?”

MDZ refused to comment on the matter, but was later seen making desperate hand gestures towards the TO Shi, most likely in an attempt to communicate the grave danger he was facing.

Leffen has returned home for now, waiting to see if any charges will be pressed for this ruthless and unspeakable behavior.

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