UCF Causes Phantom Hit on Non-UCF Setup

At the last biweekly tournament in Brevard, North Carolina, Niko “Yusterday” Markovic disputed with TOs over a loss in pools to Keith “Fmaster2” Kovac. In their match, a phantom hit prevented Markovic’s Sheik from closing out an extremely tight 1-1 series versus Kovac’s Falco. Markovic claimed that UCF interfered with what should’ve been his victory.

TOs declined to investigate Yusterday’s claim because the tournament had no setups with UCF on memory cards.

Despite this, the TOs still granted Markovic the win.

“We just felt that… UCF is bullshit. Even though the setup didn’t actually have UCF on it, we’re still assuming that, in some way, UCF is responsible for the phantom hit that caused Yusterday to lose the game earlier,” said Gabriel “GSAcadema” Schrub, the head TO of the tournament.

The TOs added that no amount of empirical evidence would convince them that phantom hits aren’t more common on UCF.

Markovic’s opponent, Fmaster2, was surprisingly very understanding of the situation:

“I get that the community is in a period of flux right now with UCF, I just hope that my sacrifice here will benefit the Smash community as a whole,” Kovac said.

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