The Turnip to Hold the Line for Melee Content on Twitter and Reddit

After a year-long onslaught of posts on Twitter and Reddit hyping the upcoming release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, one website stands as a guardian to the Melee torch:

This website.

That’s right, the Turnip plans to bravely defend the Melee namesake by engaging Ultimate posts in traditional Japanese samurai-style fight-to-the-death duels. We are prepared to fight to the bitter end to defend Melee on the frontpage of the /r/SmashBros Reddit in the coming weeks as all outlets on social media sites are flooded with Ultimate posts.

This move, decided by C-Suite Turnip Executives, came after Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai commented on the state of Melee saying, “it’s been fun but really, please stop playing Melee now — it’s been 17-years guys, you’ll be O.K.”

Early reports forecast a surge of Ultimate posts concerning things Melee players just don’t care about: items that weren’t mentioned in Nintendo Direct, frame data on future D-tier characters, and minigames that everyone will forget about after two weeks.

This is The Turnip signing off — please for the love of god send reinforcements.


There may be some surprises coming to The Turnip in the coming weeks. Stay tuned by following our Twitter. If you look around the site you might notice some subtle differences already!


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