“The Plup Club” established as a political party for 2020

The newest and most beloved Melee champion might soon be forced to make an exit from competitive Smash. Fans of Justin “Plup” McGrath have birthed a new political party out of a former fan group titled “The Plup Club,” who early Turnip researchers report is gaining popularity at an alarmingly fast pace.

Such a situation has likely arisen due to Plup’s landmark victory at the most recent supermajor — Genesis 5. There, McGrath left behind a wake of destruction as he ripped through three of the Melee Five Gods to take the tournament.

It wasn’t long after that The Plup Club’s Facebook group page started discussing the 2020 elections and the possibility of Plup himself running for president. It was just two days later that self-proclaimed prophet and Melee enthusiast Arian “TheCrimsonBlur” Fathieh established The Plup Club as a political party for the 2020 presidential ballot, with Plup centered as the party leader.

“Our objectives are pretty clear: bring peace and prosperity to the world, end all violence, colonize the galaxy, make sure every orphan has a home — the possibilities are literally endless if we had Plup in office — he’s just such a good guy and we know he’s always got that potential,” Blur said.

In a country where previously Democrats and Republicans combined have occupied political power of over 85% of the population, the Plup Club is steadily loosening that statistic. As of 3 p.m. today, nearly 19% of Americans have registered under The Plup Club — an unprecedented amount considering that it has only existed as a political entity for 3 days.

“I guess I just like the look of him; he’s got a loving, goofy face and an obvious devotion to his party. It’s like he’s my best friend that I’ve never met,” said Roy Tabone, a politically active citizen from Wisconsin.

When The Turnip inquired as to why Plup has not yet made an official statement on his 2020 campaign, TheCrimsonBlur explained that Plup doesn’t actually know he’s running yet and that it’s going to be “a big surprise for him.”


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