Tafokints plans to launch a car-sized GameCube into space

Content creator, Cloud 9 coach, and statistics aficionado Daniel “TafoKints” Lee announced plans earlier this week to launch a car-sized Nintendo GameCube into space within the next two years.

The announcement comes after business magnate of SpaceX launched a Tesla sports car into space earlier this month. The sports car was a cherry-red roadster, complete with a space-suited dummy in the driver’s seat and David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” playing on repeat.

Less active Smash community members might not be aware that Tafokints works at NASA’s jet propulsion lab as a day job. Working at NASA allowed him to streamline his idea into the company, which the public often argues has been on the decline for years.

He allegedly presented his idea of launching a GameCube into space to his NASA superiors as early as August 2017, and upon being approved, Tafo became the project lead for the launch.

In a recent Tafo Talks, he elaborated on his goals behind the mission:

“I was just thinking, like, hey I make all this great content and do all this Melee stuff, but I want to be able to leave a legacy outside of Smash. I was pestering my boss at work for probably 2-3 years before he agreed to hear my presentation. Y’know, I… I really think that this is an opportunity to merge sort of humanity’s accomplishments with the Smash community — and to make Melee a part of that.”

The plans call for a 13-foot metallic GameCube to be constructed, outfitted with a vinyl record playing the Dreamland song on repeat and a wax statue of Mango sitting on the outside of the GameCube. Tafo also said that a computer with Hearthstone on it will be stored inside the oversized console.

Regardless of the GameCube’s functional ability, it’s certain that if Tafo’s plan goes through, the Smash community will be put into the mainstream spotlight. We are excited to be following this historic project through its lead-up to launch.


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