Smasher Doesn’t Think Newcomer PPMD will have Notable Placings

Newcomer known as "PPMD" seen on-stream with Tafokints.

In a stream with Daniel “Tafokints” Lee this past Thursday, a new smasher named Kevin Nanney announced that he’ll begin playing Melee competitively sometime in the next 2-5 years. Nanney, whose chosen tag is “PPMD,”  said in the interview that he plans to dual-main Marth and Falco, with a goal to bring respect back to Falco mains throughout the Melee community.

Pundits from the /r/SmashBros subreddit criticized Nanney’s ambitious goals. One such expert, whose total Reddit karma count is 58, claimed that it takes, “at least three years of competitive play to start earning decent placings at majors,” adding that, “I’ve been playing for a year and I’ve never even broken into a top 128 bracket.”

Some users such as Fox main OscarTheGr0uch were more open to PPMD’s goals, albeit confused about the timing:

“It’s great to have a new competitor enter the arena and I wish him the best of luck! I have to say though, things must be pretty bad if Tafo’s willing to let random newcomers chat with him on stream. Ever since Melee was ousted from the Smash community a week ago, the influx of new Melee players has dropped to an all-time-low — we’re really hurting for people here,” said OscarTheGr0uch in a comment chain.

Skeptics argue that new players like PPMD are sweeping into the community as a cash grab — with the recent mass exodus of Smash players from the Melee community, big payouts from top placings are wide open. Some argue that PPMD is part of the first wave of Melee-fan imposters who are only playing Melee for the money.


Was that really PPMD on Tafo’s stream, or was it actually an imposter set up by the Russian government? Our year-old, in-depth analysis helps YOU figure that out. Also, here’s a link to our Twitter.


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