Smash Summit Now Accepting Used Bubblegum to Vote in Players

BeyondTheSummit, the streaming organization responsible for the biannual Smash Summit major, has announced fans can now vote professional smashers into the event by mailing in used bubblegum. Smash Summit is famous for it’s unique casual tournament atmosphere featuring just 16 players — eight who are invited and eight who are voted in by donations to the compendium.

“We just felt like the fans deserved more ways to get their favorite players into Summit,” said Rob ‘Icelement’ Rygh, “it’s understandable that after other compendiums like The Big House 6, fans will need more ways to support the pros, and this new bubblegum option allows more avenues for conscientious spenders.”

The crew behind BeyondTheSummit explained that bubblegum was the most practical way to keep fans engaged in the compendium without breaking the bank.

“I’m not really sure what we’re gonna do with the bubblegum, but I figure there’s probably a lot of cool sculptures we can make. Maybe a sweater of bubblegum — like that episode on Spongebob with the sweater of eyelashes,” said Greg ‘WhatIsHip’ Laird.

The BeyondTheSummit team officially stated you can support your favorite player with bubblegum for the upcoming Smash Summit by mailing the gum in sealed envelopes. An option will be available on the compendium website for those wishing to use the new payment method.

At press time, a member of the BeyondTheSummit team was seen chewing gum. It has not been confirmed if this was a piece of bubblegum that was mailed in for the compendium.


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