This Week in Science: Planet X Clues Continue & Smasher Discovers Deodorant

Photo: Carnegie Institution for Science, DTM. Roberto Molar Candanosa/Scott Sheppard

The first week of October has yielded massive breakthroughs in the scientific worlds. Evidence of the putative Planet X that supposedly lies beyond even Pluto has surfaced, while Peach main Tomi “Lapis” Kovanen has discovered the odor-killing apparatus called deodorant.

The idea of a planet at the outset of our solar system has long been theorized, but the recent excitement was caused by the discovery of a new dwarf planet nicknamed “Goblin.” Scientists believe that by studying the orbit of 2015 TG387, they will be able to detect if it is being affected by the gravitational pull of a large, mystical planet on the edge of our solar system.

Meanwhile in the Smash community, the 20-year-old Smasher Kovanen discovered deodorant when his mom handed it to him as she shouted that he’s “a sophomore in college for crying out loud.”

Scientists at the Carnegie Institution for Science have expressed optimism in their search for Planet X with the recent discovery.

“I think we are nearing the 90% likelihood of Planet X being real with this discovery,” said Scott Sheppard, an astronomer working at the institute.

Similarly, Lapis’ mother Sherri Kovanen, had something to say about her son’s discovery.

“Hell yes I’m optimistic. Maybe he will stop leaving a trail of mustard gas everywhere he walks now. Of course, I imagine he reacted to the deodorant like a vampire would to sunlight.”

Scientific breakthroughs of the past have shaped the world as we know it — we will have to wait and see if these discoveries will have a similar widespread impact on the world.


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