“Puff will rise again” claims thief in attempted stealing of Leffen’s travel visa

Two unnamed individuals were arrested this past Tuesday at the Stockholm Arlanda Airport in Sweden, after they were found to be in possession of professional smasher William “Leffen” Hjelte’s travel visa and other important documents.

The theft would have jeopardized Hjelte’s travel to the United States, where he plans on competing in just two weeks at Genesis 5. Upon being handcuffed, one of the men allegedly stated that, “Puff will rise again,” and “it is impossible for you to stop us.”

Onlookers at the airport described both men as wearing jeans and a blue and white jacket, with the depiction of a chess piece on the back. They were spotted eating inside a Five Guys a few hours before the duo was apprehended by authorities.

Smashers in the community believe the theft is part of a larger plot to target high profile competitors in Melee, specifically for Genesis 5, which will be one of the biggest supermajors in 2018. Countless community members suggest that Hjelte is likely only one of many top competitors that are being targeted.

Presently, there is no way of knowing who’s really behind this theft, or whether this individual is planning to sabotage more players who are competing at Genesis. Stay with the Turnip as we follow the lead up to the first major of 2018.


In related news: Hungrybox announces via Twitter that his stream has been cancelled for the next week, claiming that he will be using the time to prep for Genesis 5.

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