Players Attack Magicscrumpy Combo Video, Find Out He Is Actually Just That Good

A few days ago, a user posted a thread on Reddit attempting to expose the content creator and high-level Young Link main Magicscrumpy’s combo video as a TAS. Despite their attempts to disprove Scrumpy, they found that he is actually just plain talented.

The combo video in question – named 600 Hours – features clips from 600 hours of gameplay on Netplay where Scrumpy destroys helpless foes with his Young Link, arguably the worst character in the game. He effortlessly slides across the ground, dropping bombs and throwing boomerangs, ledge cancelling aerials, and finishing every combo theatrically.

Due to the impressive nature of the combos, the Melee community’s skeptical attitude caused an uproar, but they were disappointed when they discovered Scrumpy’s true skill level. “I realized you don’t need to be good at melee to get combos that look like they were done by Axe,” a netplay user said. “All you need is to spend ~600 hours doing it. I’m at 540 now and I just hit a back air into down air, so I am thinking the crazy combos will come soon.”

Rumors of Scrumpy going 0-2 in pools have also been disproven. At Apex 2016, one of the most prestigious tournaments of the year, he made it out of pools with his Young Link. 2017 is said to be “The year of Magicscrumpy.” Scrumpy intends to win Evolution in 2017, and his argument has never been more convincing.

Scrumpy has refused to comment, as he is busy training to take top 8 at UGC.

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