Nintendo Unveils For Glory Ness Containment Servers

REDMOND, WASHINGTON – Nintendo has announced today that in an effort to improve players’ online experience, they are implementing new servers made specifically for Ness players.  

Marc Franklin, Senior Director of Public Relations Explained: “Whenever a For Glory player selects Ness, they will be sent to a separate server where they are matched up exclusively with other Ness players. This way they still have a place where they can can spam PK Fire at each other to their little hearts content, and the rest of us can have fun playing smash.

Nintendo believes this is the best way to make sure players can still have a good time online, without fully removing the character. 

“We wanted to make sure there was still a place for dangling yo-yo’s, forward air spam, and back throw kills. But we wouldn’t want to subject anyone other than a Ness player to that. If a player chooses a good character, they will be welcomed back to the general servers with open arms.”

Ness players around the world have responded to this news by drooling slightly, and then side b-ing. 


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