Surprising New Study Shows Melee is Killing Hungrybox

The number 1 player in the world, Juan “Hungrybox” Debiedma, has become terminally ill due to overexposure to the Fox matchup. Reddit analysts have been studying the effects the metagame has on Hungrybox’s health for quite some time, but at NOODS NOODS NOODS: Melee Edition they made a crucial breakthrough: Melee is in fact killing Hungrybox.

This statement has opened the eyes of many who wondered why Hungrybox’s health has waned, but also infuriated many melee fans who say melee is good for Hbox because it gives him variety in his life. “Melee is great for Hungrybox. Melee haters will say it is killing him slowly, and soon Hbox will only have a few years left to enjoy, but he needs this game more than anything. It provides diversity and more.” a Melee supporter said.

“We see the fox matchup all the time,” a reddit analyst states. “It was only a matter of time before the stress, pressure, and frustration got to his head. Not to mention, the dopamine released from each successive rest creates such a high that every moment without melee becomes unbearable. It’s Stockholm-syndrome.”

Hungrybox’s recent affliction has pushed many on-the-fence melee viewers to side with the anti-melee crowd. These newborn “melee haters” say the community must find a new game to play, or Hungrybox will certainly die.


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