New Smasher Concludes the Duplicate Character Glitch “Wobbling” Ruins Melee

JULY 17 — Horrors struck the /r/smashbros subreddit this past week, as one of its worst fears has been realized. First-tourney Fox player Sami “xEnce” Jalli claimed in a Reddit post that Melee’s beloved fast-paced action was a misnomer and false advertising, and has announced plans to sue the SSBM Twitch directory for damages.

This swing of events comes after Jalli’s first tournament, Runback 2018 in Mesa, Arizona. The player, a 20-year-old Fox newcomer from Phoenix AZ, said he was “drawn to Melee’s hyper-intensive speed” after watching a variety of Twitch streams over the last 6 months.

When he got to the tournament hosted by SAKGaming, things took a turn for the worst in his first bracket match:

“I signed up for singles, and when I started my match I noticed that my opponent had a duplicate set of characters on the screen — two eskimos wielding hammers. He immediately abused this glitch to get me in some sort of inescapable combo. I complained to the organizers that my opponent was using some sort of glitch to duplicate his characters, but they claimed that ‘wobbling’ wasn’t against the rules!”

Jalli went on to say that he simply could not be a part of a community that allowed cheating. Furthermore, he said he felt bamboozled — and was under the impression that only Fox and Falco were allowed in tournaments (to “ensure the most fun” he claimed). It was this, he stated, that led him to press charges.

“If I ever figure out how to used this ‘wobbling’ glitch, you had better believe my two Foxes will f*cking destroy those eskimos,” xEnce said.


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  1. What an a**hole. Come on dude, how could you watch 6 months worth of twitch and not pick up a thing about wobbling? Don’t take out your anger on other people just because you lost to someone better than you. And let me know when you figure out how to get two foxes.

  2. Yes, but wavedashing and L-Canceling are also glitches, I’m a melee player, but I do notice the the game relies HEAVILY on glitches.

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