New Algorithm to Dynamically Reseed Brackets Based on Twitter Data

Community intellectual Kadano has just announced that he has developed an algorithm to rapidly reseed brackets based on Twitter data. This system will use deep learning to automatically reseed the day of the tournament with accuracy based on how attendees have eaten, slept, and much more.

The development comes in the wake of recent upsets by players like Zain and aMSa and aims to fix upsets that ruin a tournament’s integrity. “No more staying up late to reseed because Leffen got 5 hours of sleep and not his usual 6 and a half,” Sam “Dingusmaster” Greene states. “Now we can just compile the data from Twitter and predict how well he will perform, cross-reference it with the data compiled by his opponent, and seed each accordingly.”

Entrants that do not use Twitter will be required to wear a heart monitor during their pools sets, and the bracket will be seeded with the obtained data. Large spikes in anxiety will lead to a lower seed, while being calm and collected will predict you are playing at your potential.

The end goal is to perfect this algorithm so it predicts 100% of the time who will win the tournament,” Kadano states. “If we reach this point, we can actually run brackets without having to fly players out, and we won’t need to spend so much money. We can just run the algorithm and the winner gets the prize bonus. No more wondering if there is a player better than Hbox on netplay, because we can have them enter no matter what their ping!”

Please follow the Turnip at Smash n’ Splash as our field researchers observe the effect the reseeding has on players who are terribly afraid of water.


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