Netplayer Just KNOWS He’d Play Better in Person

A distribution of netplay ranks on Anther's Ladder over time. [SOURCE:]

COLUMBUS, OH — 19-year-old Captain Falcon main Jacob “Pmip” Winneche boldly told his friends earlier this week that he is in-fact better than his silver netplay rank suggests. Pmip, who has a losing record against all his friends,  argued that netplay greatly restricts his tech-heavy and aggressive playstyle.

“I told them: ‘there’s so much lag I can’t possibly pull off a sacred combo like I probably would in person.’ Honestly, it makes perfect sense because I’ve been practicing these super sick combos against level 1 CPUs for the past three months,” Winneche said.

Pmip rose steadily through the ranks from Bronze III to Bronze I in his first 6 months of netplay, but his rank has stagnated since.

“Yeah, it sounds like Jake to say there’s too much lag. He says it all the time! I’ll bet he didn’t tell you we consistently JV3-stock him did he?” said Mathias “LSM” Lauridsen, a friend of Pmip who regularly plays him on netplay.

Upon further investigation, The Turnip found that more than half (57%) of his wins on netplay come from forfeits. When asked about this statistic, Winneche admitted he’d never been to a tournament but said, “I will place no less than 1st at my first tournament, whenever I get to one — mark my words.”


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