Metagame Documentary Pushed Back to January 2026

The next generation of  “doc kids” might not be created for nearly a decade.

In a recent update video, Travis “Samox” Beauchamp, the producer behind the massively-popular Smash Bros. Documentary, explained that he had just completed the second round of edits, and has only ninety-eight (98) more rounds to go. Beauchamp further elaborated, saying that he wanted to make sure the finished product was “101% flawless.”

Samox claimed that this was his reasoning behind delaying the documentary’s release until 2026 — to create a magnum opus that will surpass his previous work.

“By then I’m guessing that World War 3 will have left the world as an apocalyptic and absolutely cataclysmic wasteland — my documentary will be the only source of beauty left in the world,” Samox said.

Beauchamp also noted that he expected the final version to be about 65 hour-long episodes. Each episode will cover a different player from the MIOM 2016 top 50, with an extra 15 covering important players such as Qerb, JimJamFlimFlam, Downsmash Abbey, and of course Papa Nooch.


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