Melee Commentary Jargon in Hot Water

A committee has been formed this week within Melee It On Me to discuss potential fines for keywords or phrases used by Melee commentators. The group was formed primarily to discuss the use of the word ‘jank’ by many commentators, and will be deciding whether or not a fine should be imposed on users of the word when commentating.

“Like man I don’t get it, it doesn’t take any skill to say ‘jank.’ Anyone could just say that — you don’t even have to know what it means!” said Phil ‘DoYouPhilsMe” DeBerry at the committee’s first meeting.

Many community members feel that the word loses its value when it is repeated by so many commentators. Community figureheads have called for commentary regulations several times in the past year, leaving Melee It On Me, finally pressured by /r/SmashBros, to begin regulating the use of specific words.

“Why are we limiting this to just commentators? We should require permits for anyone who says  ‘jank,’” said Bobby ‘Scar’ Scarnewman.

The restriction that will likely be placed on ‘jank’ could set a precedent for future word regulations, such as ‘randy,’ and the phrase ‘we livin’.’ At the time of writing this piece, fines are being discussed at ranges between 150 USD and 700 USD.

We will be following this story as it develops.


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