Mango hosts Summit 5.4326589752…; Creates Space-Time Rift

Smash Summit 6 is set to begin on May 3rd, however that deadline may be getting pushed back indefinitely. Cloud9’s Joseph “Mang0” Marquez inadvertently created a rift in space-time when he started up his stream with the title “Summit 5.4326589752…”

The issue lies with an old algebra concept: irrational numbers.

As is tradition, Mango hosted players at his home in Southern California to prepare for the upcoming event at the BeyondTheSummit house. Typically, Marquez titles these smashfests as Summit __.5 as a nod to the actual event; when he titled it with an irrational number this time around, a rift in space-time was created and swallowed Mango’s house and all pro smashers inside.

No contact has been made with Mango or any of the attendees at this point, but Sheridan “Dr. Z” Zalewski, a published dark matter scientist and member of MeleeItOnMe, has been working tirelessly to find a way to communicate with them and bring them back.

Among the pros swallowed in the rift were Mango, Westballz, Armada, Leffen, Sfat, and Alex19. With so many high-profile players missing, Juan “Hungrybox” Debiedma will have an even easier path to the trophy at Smash Summit 6.


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