Mang0 Jr Earns Summit Spot After Clinching Set Against Sfat

Zac 'Sfat' Cordani moments before being upset 3-2 by Jojo.

History was made at a recent Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament. In a nail-biting set at The Mang0: Homecoming, Mang0’s son Joseph defeated Zac “Sfat” Cordani 3-2 to clinch the final spot at Smash Summit 7.

‘Jojo’, who is just 5 years old, has been training Melee for as long as he’s been alive. As a matter of time, Melee is actually older than Mang0 Jr by 12 years. Rumors have it that he didn’t have an umbilical cord, rather a GameCube controller cord to receive Melee tech and nutrients while in the womb.

“I was in utter disbelief,” Cordani said, “The only way to come back from this is to challenge him to a first-to-five $1000 money-match.”

The young Captain Falcon main did not comment on Sfat’s hypothetical challenge, but insiders report that Jojo’s allowance is only $5 a week for chores — meaning Sfat would need to wait nearly 4 years for his opponent to finance his side of the challenge.

BeyondTheSummit also faced criticism for hesitating to allow a 5-year-old compete at Smash Summit 7, but after much backlash and reference to BTS’ allowing a blind player to compete at a prior Smash Summit, the tournament organizers backed down.

Jojo has reportedly already begun practicing for his R1 pools match. Tune into BeyondTheSummit to watch Melee’s newest up-and-coming player.


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