Leaked Tafokints emails- 22 east coast MIOM ballots DELETED

Controversy over ChuDat and S2Js Melee It On Me Top 100 rankings leave many wondering what is more important: consistency or peaks? The Turnip has uncovered shocking evidence that Tafokints, the shadowy man behind MIOM’s “unbiased rankings,” cares about neither consistency nor peaks, but only about promoting his west coast agenda.

The leaked emails include incriminating responses to many prominent west coast figureheads such as The Crimson Blur, Nintendude, and Ashkon. In the emails Tafokints states “we need a close race between S2J and ChuDat- they must be close enough that the community won’t catch on, but far enough that no mistakes are made.” Coincidentally, ChuDat received an 88.8 rating- only slighter lower than S2Js, placing him 11th place on the rankings despite destroying west coast players Mango and Mew2King for a majority of the year.

Thanks to The Turnip’s elite group of hackers, over 4 emails with evidence damning Tafokints have been uncovered. These e-mails have been safely stored away from the public eye as not to cause a witch hunt. However, a photograph taken by our on-the-scene journalists has been released to the public and is displayed below.

Who is Tafokints, exactly? We may never know. However, what we do know is that he has been handcuffed to the radiator in The Turnip’s janitorial closet until we have further information.

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