Hungrybox Loses Limbs In Nuclear Powerplant Meltdown, Gets 1st Seed For Genesis 4

After a life threatening injury causing Hungrybox to lose all of his appendages in a catastrophic nuclear meltdown, the TOs of Genesis 4 were at a loss for how to seed the player. “We feel that Hungrybox is second best in the world, hands down, but this is a scenario we haven’t dealt with before. He was good before, but now that he has no limbs? He can finally transcend the earthly bounds of his controller and play the game on a truly mental  level.”

A few top players were asked to comment on the re-seeding and the majority of them agreed, saying that “The only thing holding Hungrybox back was his technical skill. Without the need for that, the game becomes 100% mental rather than 75-80% mental as others have stated. When his weakness lies in that tech skill, he can finally overcome players like Armada and Leffen who abuse their buttons and don’t use their minds as much.”

However, one dissenter commented that “It’s ridiculous to think Hungrybox could play better with no limbs. He can’t hold a controller. I can’t believe the community wouldn’t seed him lower when he can’t physically play the game.” The dissenter posted this opinion on social media sites, but was heavily bombarded with claims of ignorance and attention-seeking.

Whether Hungrybox’s new condition will cause him to rise above godhood or sink to a measly 5th place, only time will tell.

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