Hungrybox Glad Everyone’s Focusing On Salem For A Bit

ONTARIO – Hungrybox is taking some well deserved time off from being the most hated man in Smash as the community shifts the focus of its ire towards Smash Ultimate professional player Salem.

Social media erupted Sunday, as Salem overtook Hungrybox as public enemy number one for not shaking Armada’s hand after their set at Mainstage, which in the Smash community, is apparently a big deal.

Users on Reddit, who normally would be arguing about ledge grab limits, have come together to demand Salem’s head on a pike.

Hungrybox meanwhile has been enjoying his time outside of the limelight,

“I’ve been having a really great time since people have stopped focusing on me.” Hungrybox told The Turnip. “I’ve been catching up on some reading, getting better sleep, and just generally relaxing. It’s been over two hours since I received a death threat! I can’t remember the last time that happened.”

We reached out to a smash fan on Twitter for comment. It was hard to understand him through his foaming mouth and gnashing teeth, but it sounded like he said “Salem Bad”


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