HugS Plans a Totally-Not-Revenge Roast of the Community

Rumors are circulating around the Smash Bros community that Hugo “HugS” Gonzalez has begun planning a roast of the community. This has come in the wake of The Roast of Hugo Gonzalez run by BeyondTheSummit, in which community members stepped  forward to make fun of HugS.

HugS was asked by members of his chat during a Twitch livestream if Gonzalez’s idea was spawned out of “salt” from jokes at his roast, however he firmly denied a connection. In an interview with The Turnip, he responded similarly:

“No, there’s no hard feelings from my roast! It— I literally just want to expose the community as the heartless and pathetic scum they are,” said HugS, “It’s about time right? They’ve been giving people a hard time for sooooo [sic] long.”

Gonzalez wants his roast to be similar to The Roast of Hugo Gonzalez, except he himself gets to make all the jokes about the community. HugS has stated that he is having trouble securing a TO willing to host his roast of the community. In a thread on Twitter, BeyondTheSummit responded to HugS’ idea via reply tweets with:

“We’ve been over this Hugo,” and “It was in the contract that you would be made fun of, Hugo.”

Community members have not opposed HugS’ proposal for another roast, saying that it would be awesome to see Hugo try and fail at being funny in front of a large crowd, and that “watching Hugo tell lame jokes would almost be as good as his roast.”

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