New Melee Player Prepares for Family Gathering

17-year-old Robin “NaranSha” Johansson is arranging for an absolute mop-up of competition at his grandmother’s 87th birthday party, which is being held at his house in two weeks.

Johansson, a Melee fan for the past 10 months, is excited to test out his Marth and Peach against his siblings, cousins, and maybe even his aunts and uncles at the party. He claimed to be able to wavedash all the way across Final Destination and could beat level 9 CPUs when he fought them one-on-one.

“I’ve been a Melee fan for a really long time now — I’m so ready to blow all my relatives out of the water with my skills. Right now I’m prepping my responses for when someone comments on how I mash all the buttons on the controller… Maybe I’ll show them the ‘How Fast Is Melee?’ video,” said Johansson.

He has been prepping how the room will be set — Johansson will make sure the GameCube is on and that Melee’s character selection screen is visible on the TV in his family room. He’s going to make sure that only two controllers are plugged in so that singles is the only option. He’ll also make sure that items are off and that the stage randomizer is set to the six legal stages. Finally, he’ll sandbag with Bowser against CPUs as his relatives pour into the room.

“I’m imagining a room full of cheering family members… Of course, none of them will stand a chance against me. Everyone will be so proud of what I’ve accomplished.” NaranSha said.

When asked to comment, Mrs. Johansson said there was no way that Robin would be setting up his game system in the living room while company was over. “And that’s final” she added.


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