Emperor Penguin Calls Out Leffen, Says Statements About Antarctica are “Unfounded”

The most respected Antarctic TO made a statement this Sunday regarding TSM Leffen’s twitter comments. The statement comes in after Leffen went on a long twitter rant where he called the penguin people “weaker than other species” and “less inherently talented at fighting games.” Leffen also stated the penguin people were “never going to see results playing with flippers, especially when humans have opposable thumbs.”

The penguin made the announcement in front of the 499 entrants of the historic Antartic local “Smash the Ice” this Sunday before Grand Finals.  “The penguin people have always been a proud people. We have not sought for much. But when we bring the world such treasured moments as “Happy Feet” and even “Wombo Combo,” we expect a little bit of respect in return,” the TO stated. “We have fought for warmer temperatures across the globe so we can start up our Switches, and have succeeded. Leffen’s statements are unfounded, as he has no idea how strong the Antarctic scene is.”

“As far as we know, Leffen has never even entered an Antarctic tournament. He may drown in pools here,” states Mumble, a local falco main. “The scene may be unassuming but we haven’t even been given the chance to compete on the global scale because nobody flies out to our events.”

It is unknown if Leffen’s statements are made due to speciesism or a disregard for the struggles of the penguins. Either way, these statements prove that not only does Antartica have a long way to go to gain respect from the fighting game community, but also the world.

Leffen has refused to comment on the statement and has barricaded himself inside of his snow-igloo until further notice.

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