Drake Mistaken for Axe at LAX Airport

An enthusiastic smasher made hip-hop artist Drake blush earlier this week, as 19-year-old Finn “Dupv1ce” Reedtz mistook the world-renowned rapper for professional Melee player Jeffrey “Axe” Williamson.

Reedtz allegedly asked for a photo with, “[his] favorite Pikachu main,” but immediately apologized when he realized that it was just Drake. After contacting Drake, the Turnip found that this isn’t an out-of-the-ordinary experience for him.

“I actually get mistaken for my man Jeff a lot… I always have to turn them away — and most people seem pretty disappointed,” Drake said, “most times I’ll take a picture with them anyways and tell them to say they met the Axe imposter.”

Reedtz shared the sentiment that Drake said was so familiar.

“Yeah I was excited because Axe is a player that I really look up to, and I wanted to brag to my friends and family that I met the real guy. I guess I’m glad that I got a picture with Drake, but it’s not something I’ve shared with anyone because I don’t think anyone would really care,” Reedtz said.

In the interview, Drake said he hopes that one day he will be able to meet Axe for himself; until then, he will continue to produce high quality albums and soundtracks inspired by his favorite Melee player.

The famed Pikachu main hailing from Arizona ranked 7th this year on Melee It On Me’s 2017 SSBMRank. He will be traveling to more tournaments in the coming months, so check Smash.gg’s upcoming tournaments if you’re aiming to meet the real Axe.


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  1. I want someone who has the opportunity to speak face to face with Drake and legitimately mistake him for Axe. I mean, they don t look that alike, but I just want to see the reaction from Drake.

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