Armada Fans Root Against Him At Summit 3, Just Want To See More Melee

Armada’s typically strong fan-base decided to root against him in set 1 of Grand Finals at Smash Summit 3 this previous weekend, claiming they just wanted to see more melee.

“This sentiment is one we have seen voiced often in places like twitch chat, reddit, and some commentary. It comes as no surprise to us that the fans of a player want the player to lose so they can watch another set of their favorite player losing,” states an Armada fan. “My group of friends and I were avidly rooting against Armada when we realized he was about to win the tournament without going to game 5 in both sets.”

Fans of other top players have also agreed that they just want to see more melee. A fan of Hungrybox states “I am glad he went to losers’ bracket so I could see him play 5 games vs Armada in grand finals set 1, and hopefully 5 more in set 2. I would be disappointed in anything less than 10 eight-minute games of fox vs. puff, really.”

The only fans happy with less melee were C9 Mango fans, being content watching Mango 3-0 everyone in top 8.

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