Minor Annoyances of Everyday Life Rumored to be Caused by Hungrybox

It is believed Hbox uses some sort of voodoo doll to control the lives of others. [Image source: Robert Paul]

Several members of the /r/SmashBros community have come forward claiming that many small irritable moments in their lives are caused by Juan “Hungrybox” Debiedma. The coalition of Reddit users provided evidence that Hungrybox has been causing unfortunate events in their lives such as stubbing their toes, stepping in bubblegum, and running out of toilet paper.

“I realized there was something fishy going on when I was just sitting, enjoying my day and out of nowhere started developing a headache. Immediately, I knew that it was caused by Hungrybox because he had tweeted earlier in the week,” said Jesper “HeroChild” Wecksell, a NYC Falco main.

Many community members have taken to Twitter and attacked Hungrybox over the allegations, such as one Peach main claiming that his puppy pooped in the house because of Hungrybox. The Peach main did not clarify if he or his dog had ever met Hungrybox.

The accusations have led to a community-wide investigation into these ill-fated events. While it may be difficult to prove that events such as an eyelash falling into the eye is caused by the Jigglypuff main, community leaders are adamantly gathering evidence for their case.



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