100 IQ Found to be the Limit of Falco Main Intelligence

NEW JERSEY — A recent study conducted by Rutgers University has reportedly found a ceiling for the IQ of Falco mains. The landmark finding came from a study that has been observing 200 Falco mains over the last 9 months, and found that the highest IQ possible for Falco mains is 100.

“What we found is that there was a bell curve for the intelligence of Falco mains. This curve ranges from a high of 100 IQ to a low of 33 IQ. Our hypothesis is that Falco is such a simple character to play that higher IQ individuals get bored playing him,” said Johannes Wodarz, an international graduate student from Germany who worked on the study.

Eight top Melee It On Me players who participated in the study were found to be near the top of this bell curve — among them Westballz the lowest of the eight around 89 IQ and Squid ranking highest of them at 99 IQ. Falco mains and their Smash friends have found the conclusions of the study very believable.

“Nah the study doesn’t really surprise me. My buddy Peter is a Falco main and is constantly showing off his ‘multishines.’ He’s actually just waveshining a bunch of times in a row,” said Kristian “Configuration” Wienecke.

While Falco players noted for high level decision-making and mind games like Kevin “PPMD” Nanney have declined to comment, the study will give new perspectives to Melee players and fans within the community.

The researchers behind the study added that their next focus would be determining the IQ ranges of chain-grabbing sheiks, which they theorize could have an even drearier outlook.


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