Zac “Sfat” Cordoni Goes 0-2 in Summit 3 Singles Bracket, Begins Decline

Player Zac “Sfat” Cordoni entered the singles bracket at Summit 3 and has lost not one, but two rounds without winning a single set. After a stunning 2016, Zac begins his descent into fringe top 10 material, barely edging out Shroomed in the rankings.

Reddit user u/m2kfan4135 says “I think Sfat has had a remarkable year, but it is time for him to either adapt to the changing meta or study the Marth and Samus matchups. He has lost too many sets to Marths like Mew2king and The Moon, and his Samus game is weak. If only he had spent more time studying these matchups and less time in the bathtub with PewPewU, he would be doing better.”

Sfat has not only fallen apart as a singles player, but also as a teams player. Players Leffen and Mafia defeated Sfat and PewPewU in doubles, sending their team to the losers bracket surprisingly early. Only time will tell if Sfat will ever been good again, but the chances are looking slim.

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