Weird Sweater that Leffen wore at Apex 2015 Goes on Display at the Smithsonian

This article was written by a contributor, Zackberries.

NOV 1 2019 – Earlier this week The Smithsonian National Museum of American History unveiled a new temporary exhibition on the landmark events of Apex 2015, culminating in a display of the original weird, droopy sweater that Willian “Leffen” Hjelte wore in his Salty Suite victory over Kashan “Chillindude” Khan and eventual 3rd place finish in Melee Singles.

The garment, a long heather-grey shawl neck cardigan, which was purchased at an H&M in 2013 and worn during Leffen’s notable Apex 2015 run, can be found at the end of the new temporary exhibition on the 2015 event, titled The Apex: Smash eSports in the 2010s.

In a statement, Smithsonian Curatorial Director Bruce Hansen noted “The sweater is a fantastic addition to our collection, and stands as the centerpiece of our new exhibition. We invite pro-gamers, pot monsters, and the general public alike to ponder the significance of the piece. We’ve already received excellent feedback from guests on this cherished piece of contemporary gaming history.”

But not all we’re impressed with the new piece, with some guests commenting that it’s “a nice sweater, but kind of out of place for a [Smash] tournament” and “Wait, who is Leffen?” The sweater, along with the rest of The Apex, will remain on display through Summer 2020.


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