Water Elemental Adamantly Refuses to Facilitate Pools at Smash N’ Splash 4

Top Smashers weren’t the only ones asked to help run pools at the recent Smash n’ Splash 4. While top players complained on Twitter, there were mythical creatures in the waterpark facing similar issues.

Famed for its combination of competitive Smash and waterpark fun, the Smash n’ Splash series was a point of controversy in the community last weekend as top seeds were asked by TOs to help run their pools. Oddly enough, the resort hosting the event, Kalahari Waterparks, reported a similar problem on the opposite side of the venue.

Due to the influx of greasy smashers, the waterpark at the resort became overcrowded and required more supervision than usual. The staff asked their resident water spirit Ukupañipo to work overtime at the park for the weekend event.

Ukupañipo reportedly did not have as much fun as smashers did at the event:

[This interview was aided by the script writer for Disney’s Moana who helped translate the portrayal of the Ocean.]  

This was not as I intended my weekend to go — of course I was mad when Jenny asked me to work overtime. First of all, there’s a kid’s birthday party happening [on Monday] which I should be preparing for, not babysitting a bunch of 20-year-olds; Besides, do you know the kind of things that come off of these peoples’ bodies? I’m supposed to be an water spirit not a sweat-and-cheeto-dust spirit,” Ukupañipo said.

The added supervision by Ukupañipo made the day go by swimmingly for smashers, allowing players to partake in fun in the water after they were done at the tournament.

Ukupañipo has stated that the next time someone enters the resort and mentions “GameCube” he will whirlpool drown them. Keep with the Turnip to follow all the hottest Smash drama.


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