Top 8 of National Happening When You’re Most Busy

Annoying things that you’re expected to do for some reason, or ‘responsibilities’, have once again prevented you from watching yet another Top 8 of a national tournament. As the bulk of the Smash Bros. community happily comes together to watch the resolution of the glorious tournament, you will be struggling to care about what reality throws at you while trying to deal with the painful regret of not getting to watch two guys play video games for money.

You can faintly remember your past self thinking “I wouldn’t miss this for the world” with a nostalgic youth-like passion. Not only are all of your favorite players in attendance, but of course, the pot bonus is the biggest ever in smash history and literally nobody is more excited than you. However, the Universe and its arbitrary laws of fate have ultimately decided that this is a prime opportunity for you to actually work on something.

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“Fuck you!” – The Universe.

Maybe you have a paper to write, or a project to do, or something work-related to attend, but maybe, just maybe, you think to yourself, you’ll be able to just have one Twitch tab open on your laptop or phone. But you have to mute it, or else every time you hear something sounding even the least-bit of hype from the commentators you’ll be sucked into that world, and your daunting 200 word essay will never get finished.

Truly it can’t get worse than this but lo, for some reason you still go on Smash Reddit and you see all of the community expressing how amazingly awesome the tournament was, and how cool that one part was, and all the while you sink deeper into your chair and an irreversible nihilism continues to permeate every fiber of your being.

Update: You just watched the VOD’s and were pretty underwhelmed. 

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