Smasher Chimes in that He Hates 10 a.m. Pools, Too

Following the completion of The Big House 7, smasher Finn ‘FNTear’ Nymann expressed his dissatisfaction with 10 am pools via a series of tweets to his 31 followers. The 20-year-old bandwagoned the stances of many pros stating in one of his tweets, “real talk: 10am pools are bullshit why can’t we just play at 1???”

Nymann has only attended one tournament in his smashing career: The Big House 7. However, he understood the tragedy of waking up early; it was clear he’d learned how truly horrific and evil 10am pools are after just one tournament.

FNTear went so far as to reply to a tweet from pro smasher Kalindi ‘KJH’ Henderson, who claimed that, “…[10 am pools] feels like I’m waking up for school.”

In an effort to show his reckless and carefree demeanor, he finished his series of tweets with a claim that he would drink and party regardless of whether he’s in an early pool or not at the next tournament he attends.

Update: In a follow-up tweet several hours later, Nymann stated his pool wasn’t until noon at the Big House 7 anyways, and he was just “saying what everyone else was afraid to say.”

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