Smash Ultimate Ports Over Popular Melee Technique of Air-dodging Off Stage

LOS ANGELES – Appealing to the fans of the GameCube edition of the popular series Super Smash Bros, creator Masahiro Sakurai unveiled Tuesday that the brand new Super Smash Bros Ultimate has ported over the popular Melee technique of air-dodging off stage. “I decided to watch some competitive Super Smash Bros Melee matches for the first time in preparation for Smash Ultimate, and was fascinated by how Melee players seemed to always utilize the directional air dodge to go off stage and lose their stock.” revealed Sakurai. “I didn’t quite understand the function of this technique, but it seemed like an essential part of melee as it happened at least once every game.”

At the E3 Smash Invitational, Super Smash Bros Melee professionals  Joey “Lucky” Aldama and Joseph “Mang0” Marquez were spotted using this technique within minutes of play-testing the new game, to seemingly their own great delight.  Furthermore, Sakurai even improved this Melee staple by fixing a common glitch where players attempting to air dodge off stage sometimes accidentally inputted the air dodge too fast, causing them to simply slide in a dash-like manner and not instantly die.

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