Rising Sea Levels Threaten Yoshi’s Story’s Tournament Viability

The official stage list for competitive Melee may be one stage shorter before long.  A recent study by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) found that sea levels are currently rising at a rate of 1/8th inch every year, with that rate expected to increase in the future.

PracticalTAS, a widely-recognized member of the Smash community and proficient statistician, calculated that within ten years the floor of Yoshi’s Story will be completely submerged in water, leaving just the platforms. Furthermore, “Randall,” the name given to the beloved cloud that moves through the stage on a circuit, will be completely submerged within just seven years.

“This could be huge. It could mean a massive meta-shift in the competitive Melee scene. With Yoshi’s Story removed from the official stage list, floaties such as Peach and Jigglypuff will have tremendous counterpick advantage that will shift the balance of the game,” PracticalTAS said.

Jungle Japes, a stage that has been off the official stage list for nearly a decade, has already become completely unplayable due to the effects of rising water levels. When players spawn in they instantly self-destruct all of their stocks because they spawn directly in the stage’s fast-moving river.

Reversing this effect is a process that involves much more than the Smash community. To contribute to efforts that will help stop sea levels from rising further, or to find out more information on the subject, follow this link.

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