Redditor Finds Mysterious Links to the Whereabouts of PPMD

Outrage began on the /r/SmashBros subreddit this week following a post from Reddit user /u/ChasingRedWinds claiming to have evidence that Kevin ‘PPMD’ Nanney has not been on hiatus, but in the Siberian wastelands in central Asia for much— if not all — of his two-year break from competitive Melee.

A segment from the post is shown below:

“ …I knew I was onto something when I started looking at the specific phrasing of each of his tweets and interviews. A pattern emerged as I looked at the wording of each. When I took the 22nd and 45th word from many of his tweets and interviews, I found that converting the letters from those words into their numeric values in the alphabet revealed coordinates. Many originated in or around the coordinates 67°10’21.9″N 127°55’25.6″E…” (/u/ChasingRedWinds.)

The post continued in saying that it was unclear whether PPMD is there of his own accord or if he is being held in captivity by some unknown Siberian entity. Some users have gone so far as to speculate that perhaps this is an elaborate quest that requires someone to visit PPMD, after which he will make a return to competition and teach said individual the hidden wisdoms of Melee. Others fear that the way the coordinates were revealed could mean the latent codes are pleas for help.

In addition, users cited that PPMD must have returned home for some duration, as he has been filmed for interviews by the Last Stock Legends crew and made an appearance at Bad Moon Rising 2 in July this year. More recently, Samox, the creator of the famous Smash Bros. Documentary, has tweeted stating that he has met PPMD in October to record interviews for his next documentary, Metagame.

Some Reddit users even suggested that this situation could be the first piece of evidence to a larger, more grandiose Melee It On Me scandal that could involve the disappearance of many high-profile players, such as SilentSpectre, Jman, and Bombsoldier.

You can view the alleged location yourself by pasting these coordinates into Google Maps:

67°10’21.9″N 127°55’25.6″E

PPMD could not be reached for comment.


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