Police Called after Summit Mafia Turns Violent

CALIFORNIA — A horrific scene developed  late last night at the BeyondTheSummit streaming house during the customary after-bracket games of mafia. Allegedly misunderstanding the rules of the game, New Zealand Marth player Te Tuhi “Spud” Kelly unsheathed a full-length broadsword during a game ‘night’ and stabbed Zain “Zain” Naghmi through the shoulder before being stopped by several of the other attendees.

Kelly, who notably defeated Alex “The Magic” 19 at BAM7 in 2015 and was voted into Summit 8 in May, expressed no remorse in the aftermath:

“In my defense, they were super unclear with the rules! I got my card at the beginning which said I was part of the ‘mafia’, and the GM said that the mafia got to kill people during the night. My teammates and I chose Zain during the first night — I was just finishing what my team started.”

The BeyondTheSummit team abruptly ended the Twitch livestream following the sword thrust into the 22-year-old’s shoulder. Drew “Drephen” Scoles, a contestant at Summit 8 and ‘vigilante’ of the mafia game gave his perspective on the situation:

“I don’t get it — it was my first Smash Summit too but I thought the rules were pretty clear. Sure, I concealed a loaded revolver with me in case I got to use the vigilante’s power, but I would never have shot it if the GM had screamed and shouted ‘DON’T DO IT’ at me like he did at Spud.”

Even Justin “Plup” McGrath gave his two-cents, saying he thought it was weird that Spud carried a sword with him into the game, but assumed it was “just an Australian thing.”

Zain is in stable condition at a nearby hospital and is set to be released today. The BeyondTheSummit team has not pressed charges against Spud and are allowing both players to compete in bracket today.


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