New Smashbox Controller Legalized According To 40 Page Mandate

The Smashbox controller, a hot topic of debate in recent times for the Melee community, has been officially approved by community leaders under certain conditions outlined in a 40 page long mandate.

“In order to legalize these controllers, we need to make sure they meet certain specifications to make gameplay fair. We intend to make everybody check in their controllers at the beginning of the tournament to test them overnight and make sure they meet the requirements,” says The Christmas Blob. “There’s a really obvious solution to this, and we’ve finally come up with it.”

The controller modifications include macros for wavedashing, multishining, etc. as well as digital modifications that can be used to send out radiowaves to induce nausea in the opponent, flashing lights to prevent the player from seeing the screen, and a built in tazer to win RPS more easily.

“We feel like the built in tazer is not something native to the Nintendo Gamecube, and even though it is normal in the fighting game scene we don’t think we should bring it here,” says another community leader. “We worry that tazering your opponent is a slippery slope that may lead to worse things, such as melee players using illicit substances at tournaments.”

A fighting game community member was asked to respond and he replied that he didn’t think he would be joining the competitive melee scene anytime soon if “its community can’t get out of the dark ages and accept the smashbox and all of it’s features. Controller modifications are part of your skill in the game. It’s just like loadouts in CoD.”

Only time will tell if the Smashbox becomes popular in the community, or flops due to its limitations.

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