New Scientific Study Shows Watching Jigglypuff Vs. Jigglypuff Sets 2-3x More Effective Than Good Night’s Sleep

A new scientific study recently shows that it is 2-3 times more effective to watch a Jigglypuff ditto than it is to sleep soundly at night. Watching this matchup not only causes your brain to slow down, but relaxes the body and releases Melatonin, a chemical released by the pineal glands at night to help you sleep.

Doctor Francis Howard states “The effects of the Puff ditto on the brain cause surprisingly similar brainwaves as when we sleep. The big difference is that we are able to fall asleep in less than 8 minutes consistently, allowing us to plan our sleep cycles accordingly.”

Stream viewer firefox33 testifies that “after watching this matchup for the first time, my eyes began to glaze over and I yawned 3 different times before the match started. In fact, this new study is so effective, I even fell asleep during handwarmers.

The Turnip will be in affiliation with Doctor Howard to bring you updates on future research.



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