Melee newcomer 100% confident he could have beat Ken if he was around in 2005

After viewing the Super Smash Bros. Documentary for the first time this past weekend, 18 year old Melee newcomer Hank ‘Yellowd0g’ Rubin said in a tweet that he thinks he could’ve beaten King of Smash Ken Hoang had he been around in 2005.

Since finishing the film, Rubin retrieved his Nintendo Gamecube from the attic to finish unlocking all the characters, so that he could begin training competitively in Melee. After he allegedly wavedashed three times in a row, Rubin confided in a friend that he wishes he had known about the competitive Melee scene earlier so he could have a chance to beat Ken.

“Nowadays, there’s a lot of new tech that I think, if I had a time machine, would let me really have a chance against Ken. I’m learning how to waveshine — which I doubt they even knew about back then because it wasn’t even mentioned in the documentary,” said Rubin.

Even though Rubin hasn’t officially declared his main yet, he’s said that so far he’s enjoyed playing with Sheik and Marth the most. Rubin has mentioned that his plan is to main Falco once he unlocks him, in an attempt to imitate Ken’s rival PC Chris.

“I’ll probably spend the next three years training really hard, and then I can burst onto the scene and win a major…  Someone said I should look up other players like Jman, but that guy wasn’t in the documentary so I can’t imagine his sets are that important,” the Melee enthusiast said.

Yellowd0g is currently exploring his options to travel back in time, but stated that in the meantime he will be daydreaming about how much different the Melee scene would be if Rubin himself was the King of Smash.


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