Melee It On Me Introduces New Ranking System: The 2017 SSBMRank Top 10,000

Following harsh criticisms in past iterations of the Melee It On Me’s top 100 list SSBM Rank, members of MIOM have decided to improve the ranking system by a scale of 100x for 2017. The new system will now increase the total rankings from 100 to an impressive 10,000 players.

“We saw a lot of anger and disputes over the past versions of Melee It On Me rankings, and we really think the community will love this new system,” said Daniel ‘Tafokints’ Lee, “everyone can see exactly how they stack up against other Melee players.”

The new system consists of over 650 judges who critique and rank their top 10,000 Melee players of 2017. MIOM officials believe this will allow the community to “get a better view of itself” and will let everyone be a part of the competitive sphere. Not everyone is as enthusiastic about the new system as the members of MIOM.

21-year-old Peach main Spencer ‘TheUnkn0wn0ne” Trivett suggests that the new system is laden with potential inaccuracies:

“I don’t really get this new ranking thing. I was ranked 5,592nd for 2017, which makes NO sense because my buddy was ranked 5,434th and I routinely beat him in friendlies. I was also able to take a stock from The Moon in round one of pools at Full Bloom 3 so yeah, you could say I have a few problems with the system,” said the aspiring Peach main.

Others have criticized the logistical issues faced with the new SSBM Rank,  such as the selection process of the judges, and the fact that no Melee tournament has exceeded 2,500 entrants, which could leave thousands of placements completely open. Additionally, sponsors will have a very tough time choosing which players to fund and promote their brand.

Melee It On Me has stood firm with their decision to use the system, and are optimistic that the benefits to the wider Smash community will outweigh the issues presented. The system is expected to be used for the next two years by MIOM to gauge the legitimacy of the rankings, and will continue to be used if it produces positive results. 


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