Marth Main Discovers Five New Buttons on the GameCube controller

SunKo executing one of his world-famous Marth combos.

MEMPHIS — After competing competitively in Super Smash Bros. Melee for over two years, Marth main Chris “SunKo” Dejong discovered a new way to step up his game: buttons other than the Z-button and C-Stick. The 22-year-old learned about this new Melee tech after his friend pointed out to him that Dejong was only grabbing and forward-smashing for their entire 2-hour friendly set.

“I’d always been taught that Marth only has those two moves. I always wondered why people said Melee was difficult… after all, my strats took me to top 32 at Super Smash Con in August,” SunKo said.

Among the new buttons learned by Dejong were the A-button, B-button, L, R, and the Control Stick. The Marth main from Memphis said that he was often praised for his “supreme control of center stage” and his “incredible spacing.”

“SunKo invented new tech? That’s gonna be scary for top players. His combo video is insane — it’s what made me switch to Marth in the first place. When I saw that Grab -> Up-Throw -> F-Smash -> F-Smash -> Grab -> Up-Throw -> Tippered F-Smash combo I knew that Melee was never going to die,” said Martin “Snatx” Kemppi, who has been a Melee player for only a year.

Dejong’s discovery shows that new ground is always being broken in the Melee community, and that the bounds of the game’s creativity is truly limitless. The Turnip is excited to see what happens when Peach mains find out about moves other than downsmash.


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