Mango Washed After Taking Shower

Norwalk Ca. In shocking news The Turnip can confirm that as of 9:28 Pacific time, Mango is officially washed.

Fans began to suspect that Mango was washed after he tweeted:

“Prob gonna take a shower

Getting clean finally


Further reports claimed that there was a distinct smell of Old Spice and Bud Light wafting through the Marquez household. This was accompanied by the faint sound of Ocean Man being sung in the shower.

However it wasn’t until an eye witness saw a dripping wet Mango with an Eagles towel wrapped around his waist that the rumors were confirmed.

The news has sent shockwaves across the smash community. Twitch chat immediately reacted to the news by spamming soap emotes. Fans also chimed in on Twitter. One tweeted “Mango’s not as dirty as he used to be, he’s washed man.”

Rumors have also arisen that HungryBox may also shower in an attempt to be less grimy, but so far this is just speculation.

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