Man Attends Smash Tournament With Wedding Side Event, Is Greatly Overdressed

A man attended a Super Smash Brothers Melee tournament in August greatly overdressed. The event happened to feature a wedding side event, and much to this innocent man’s dismay, he wore a tuxedo t-shirt in an attempt to remain comfortable yet in appropriate wedding attire.

“I didn’t know everyone else would be dressed so casually. I just figured I could wear a tuxedo t-shirt to bridge the gap between formal wear and casual wear, but I was wrong. Everyone looked at me like I didn’t belong. Next time I will be sure to wear my t-shirt with pit stains and sweatpants with a tear in the crotch.”

The man, whose name was not given, provided some information about the wedding side event as well. “I think I arrived late to enter because there were only two players left. I figured they were in Grand Finals already, so I just sat down to watch. I really think the TOs should update their event page better because I SWEAR I was there at the time they told me.”

All of the properly dressed players refused to comment, as they were too engrossed in their bracket matches at the time.


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