Leffen Begins Experimenting With More Optimized Post-Loss Tweeting

BOSTON — After placing 5-6th at Shine 2019, William “Leffen” Hjelte announced in a post-tournament interview that he will begin experimenting with more optimal post-loss tweeting, with plans to fully implement strategies in time for The Big House 9 in October.

“I’ve spoken with TSM about how I can improve my game, and my support team and I agreed that some type of automated tweeting system would give me the edge to keep winning tournaments,” Hjelte said.

The strategy entails Leffen drafting post-loss tweets in the weeks leading up to a tournament, and then enabling them to be sent out via a button on the back of his controller. A member of TSM staff working on behalf of Leffen added more insight:

“During neural brain scans we ran at Super Smash Con 2019, we found that Leffen spent 19% of time during his sets pondering the wording of his tweetstorm if he loses the match,” said Russel “Str8z” Van Dulken, “our proposed strategy reallocates that time to before a tournament, cutting wasted time to just 7%.”

Leffen stated that this strategy will allow him to be more creative with his excuses, such as pre-alleging that “the venue was too cold,” or that “Hbox short-circuited my controller.” 

The Turnip is excited to see how Leffen can transform the Twitter meta — stay with us as this story develops in the coming weeks.


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