Leffen Mercilessly Ridicules Stream Viewers Before Asking Them to Sub With Twitch Prime

TSM Leffen, who once won EVO for some game called Melee, is infamous for his abrasive personality- having once, for example, “brutally smashed a TO’s head in with a GameCube controller” because he “slightly disagreed with the tournament’s seeding.”

Leffen, who insists that simply telling the truth absolves him of all charges of being a dick, has been playing Ultimate on his Twitch stream frequently since release – his goal of ‘becoming the best in the game’ pretty much incomprehensibly improbable.

While streaming, his strong personality often leads him at odds with his viewers, whose comments about his play are often seen as incendiary. For example, after one Twitch user told Leffen he was enjoying the stream today, the result led to an incredibly hostile exchange:

Hurrrrdurrrrrrdurrrpy,” mocked Leffen before continuing. “That’s what you sound like, you stupid little retard.”

“What do you mean you are enjoying the stream today? Are you saying there are days you don’t enjoy the stream? Mods, ban that guy,” TSM’s finest said, emitting an evil chuckle. “No, mods, actually- dox this dude and then light house on fire.”

While some in the chat ‘PogChamped’ Leffen for his relatively calm reaction compared to other incidents, others were concerned that he may have been overreacting. These few detractors absolutely infuriated Leffen, who literally began writhing in his chair, foaming at the mouth, and singing biblical references to doomsday in syllabic Gregorian chant.

After leaving briefly to get a sandwich, Leffen was all smiles. “By the way, guys, make sure you sub with Twitch Prime. You would be doing me a great favor supporting me as a streamer. Have a great day and may God bless all of your beautiful souls!”

William “Leffen” UnspellableSwedishLastName plays Super Smash Brother Ultimate for the Switch on his Twitch channel at Twitch.tv/leffen almost every day. Make sure you tune in for the aforementioned good times.

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