Leffen Becomes Gargantuan, Ruins H&M Shirt After Beating Armada

William “Leffen” Hjelte, with a grand finals reset over Adam “Armada” Lindgren, felt his H&M V-neck split down the seam as he raised a triumphant fist. Leffen’s defeat of Armada signified to him not only a great start to the year 2018, but also a noticeable increase in girth.

Leffen’s expansion started a while back when melee player Joseph “mang0” Marquez noticed he was getting much too big to fit any pants from swedish clothing lines. According to mang0, he exclaimed “big Leff!” as Leffen’s trouser buttons popped open in the middle of a 3 stock on Yoshi’s story.

The next few months were a tumultuous time in Leffen’s life. Every win and every triumph meant new clothing to fit in, new belts to buy, and new adjectives to define his size.

Leffen’s increased size has not only affected his gameplay but has also his ability to enjoy public spaces. The Turnip interviewed Leffen after his heart-pounding win at Valhalla and he stated “life since I’ve hit gargantuan size has not been easy. There are the benefits, of course: autographs from fans, gasps of surprise when seeing me, etc. But there are the jeers, the Reddit comments, and the comparisons to Violet Beauregarde that make me a bit uncomfortable.”

Leffen’s unusual condition is not only a mystery to scientists, but a mystery to the most esteemed melee viewers. Some even say they do not think he is that sizeable.

We asked well known and respected melee viewer “PPMD_send_hot_nudez” for his take on Leffen’s size. “I don’t see what’s the deal about Leffen. He isn’t even that large. In fact, I saw his pants drop around his ankles after losing to Lovage at GTX.”

The Turnip will be closely following Leffen’s size throughout 2018, so stay tuned for conclusive evidence from The Turnip’s research team.

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