Incineroar to be Patched out of Ultimate After Testing Positive for Performance-Enhancing Drugs

Masahiro Sakurai shocked the Smash community at Wednesday’s Nintendo Direct by announcing that Incineroar will be patched out of Super Smash Bros Ultimate after failing a drug test for performance-enhancing drugs.

Nintendo was initially impressed with the raw power Incineroar brought to the table. “We didn’t think it was possible for a character to do that much damage, but there it was. In our excitement we streamlined his entrance into Smash, something we now deeply regret.”

Sakurai stated that he became suspicious after seeing Incineroar do 73 damage with a single down smash. A drug test proved his suspicions to be correct.

“It has also become clear that his down special, revenge, is actually a result of his incredible roid-rage, and we would like to apologize to any character who has been hurt as result of this move.” 

Sakurai continued “We at Nintendo strive to keep a fair and level playing field between our characters. We want all characters, whether they be sword carriers, magic users, or a giant dragon with the ability to breath fire, to know that foul play will not be tolerated.”

Incineroar will be removed with the next patch, and will be ineligible for entrance into the Smash Hall of Fame.


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